A personal update.

I shall be talking about a goal that I set myself at the beginning of the year here. I don’t like to only talk about myself, but I am hoping you can relate to this and find it useful!

A while ago I mentioned the importance of setting shorter term, achievable targets to keep you on track for your longer term goals. As a new years resolution I wanted to focus on my middle distance running – so I set myself a target of a 21minute 5k by the end of March. Apologies for mixing up the measurements, but at the time, I could run a mile in 7 minutes. So to help with my endurance, I set that goal – 5k being just over 3 miles and so 3 miles x 7 gave me the 21 minutes!! I knew at that time that this was a tough target as my endurance was poor but I stuck at it!


Approximately 6 weeks ago I ran a 5k in just under 25 minutes. I was absolutely shattered! I felt at the time that it was the fastest I could ever go at that distance and was concerned that I’d never get near my target! Again, I stuck at it! After all, 3 weeks before that I felt exactly the same after a 27 minute run.


I’m a little busy the end of this week so yesterday, I really went for it. I set off well (first km in 4 minutes) and felt great after that! Carrying it through to the next part I didn’t check my watch as my head was in the zone – I have tried recently to ‘switch off’ during a run, similar to how a marathon runners mind set is! Then, into the final stretch, I could really feel I’d worked hard, I knew I was tired, but I got my head down and ploughed on. The result….? 22 minutes and 40. A minute and 40 too slow! Although slightly disappointed, I can safely say that I have enjoyed that focus over the 3 past months and am really pleased with my progress.


I didn’t reach my short term goal, but you know what, I feel great for it. At the end of those previous runs as mentioned, I felt like I’d gone my absolutely fastest. And at the end of my attempt I felt similar. But I know now that even when I’ve given it my absolute all, with some dedication you really can get closer to your goals.


In my previous post about Lent, I mentioned that I feel it’s best to focus on something new or different, rather than ‘give up’ something completely. I hope my little story above has shown that to be true somewhat : ) . Although I did ‘give up’ crisps for New Years, the hypocrite that I am.

Author: Adam Waind