FitSense. Giving up.

Giving up isn’t always the way to go. Is it really FitSense?

Giving up? Is it FitSense?

Well, pancake day really crêped up on us! Sorry, that’s terrible.

I hope everyone enjoyed their pancakes yesterday. My choice was lemon, dried fruit, and a tiny bit of sugar. I have seen plenty of different recipes and ideas out there so you had plenty to choose from, some had over 40g of protein and were packed full of Amino acids and such to make them work round our gym and dietary habits!

This then leads us on to Ash Wednesday (Lent). Although a Christian tradition, millions of others around the world choose to demonstrate self-restraint/control by giving up something, usually to improve ones’ health. Great for all of us runners, gym goers, athletes, or anyone who participates in exercise. Well, I somewhat disagree…

 Is giving something up really for the best?

I have spent enough time in retail to understand the importance of using positive language to provide better service and in some circumstances, influence the customer in some way. A simple example; cutting out the use of the term no problem. We all use this term. But how negative does that sound? No. Problem. Two negative words there! All the customer said was thank you, yet the retail employee implies that there potentially was a problem by saying that. I could go on and on about the subject of positive language but I shall not for 2 reasons; a) not to bore you and b) my next few paragraphs would be hypocritical.

What I propose is that instead of giving up, cutting out or stopping something completely, we should focus on a positive. The FitSense community are advocates of this approach! Let’s make a new healthy choice and place our attention on that. I fully understand the want to cut out crisps and we are all aware of the health benefits that that will provide us with. But instead, replace that with a positive step. There’s plenty of alternatives to crisps of course and in my opinion, you will be far better off focusing on a healthy alternative.

A number of years ago, I made the decision to drink more water. I wanted to improve my overall health and I wanted to intake less sugar. Although my goal in some ways was giving up fizzy drinks, I didn’t place my attention on the giving up part, I focused on the drink more water part. After a month or so it eventually became habitual. I cannot say for certain how many ‘sugary drinks’ I have had in the past 5 years or so but it is considerably less than what I used to get through. And it goes to show that by focusing on something positive, rather than giving up something negative, you can achieve the result you intended! That makes perfect FitSense right?

I fully believe this is a great way to go about achieving any type of goal. Even if our intention is giving up smoking or cut out fizzy drinks, our focus is far better placed in a positive action than a negative one. Please feel free to comment any positive changes you are making or already have made! A positive choice we make today will become a healthy habit for the future! We have the power to choose!


“If you choose not to decide, You still have made a choice”


-From the song Freewill by Rush from the album Permanent Waves 1980.


Author: Adam Waind