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Frozen fod

Frozen Food – Quick and simple ways to spruce up your diet!

I have found a couple of frozen foods that I can now no longer go shopping with-out picking up a pack. Frozen fruit and veg has a very similar nutritional value as their fresh counter parts, however the cost and convenience of them certainly help me get them in my diet.

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Monday’s Move

If you’ve got a kettlebell, you need to incorporate this move into your routine to shape and tone your thighs and butt. Try 2 sets of 12 to start with and increase to 4 sets when you feel you can, usually after a couple of weeks.

Skincare for men… because it’s not just for women!

With the darker nights and colder weather well and truly here,  it is safe to say that winter has officially arrived. The cold winter air, central heating and icy winds can play havoc with your skin, so the kind people at The Grooming Clinic have put together some skincare tips that will help you get through.

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Friday’s move… It’s a killer!

Can you hold this for longer than 30 seconds???

If you want to work your core with some serious effort, this is the move for you. Improve balance and work your whole abdominal area. Your abs will be screaming after 30 seconds!

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How an untidy bedroom can affect your weight

57362715 - messy room of the teenagerYour mother may have told you to tidy your room, and she was right. Sleep guru Alison Francis, who is better known by her guru name, Anandi confirms the reasoning behind keeping the bedroom free from clutter.

A lack of sleep can come down to a number of contributing factors such as stress and an unbalanced diet.

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Stressed adrenal glands

Adrenal glands. Are yours stressed out?

The adrenal glands are our stress glands that sit on top of the kidneys. There are two adrenal glands which are situated on top of the kidneys. They are chiefly responsible for regulating the stress response through the synthesis of numerous hormones. Continue reading