Early morning workouts

Early morning workouts are a struggle, but we’ve got your back…

Pencilled in an early morning workout, but struggling to stick to it? That’s understandable, it’s hard to leave the warmth and comfort of your bed. Now, we can’t make staying asleep any less tempting but we do have some tips for making an early morning workout more achievable!

Tip 1 – Prep, prep, prep


Being prepared really is the key!


So, what am I prepping I hear you ask. Everything!


Lay your gym clothes out ready for the morning so you don’t have to faff around at the crack of dawn. Not just a top and bottoms, lay out everything from underwear to socks and shoes.


If you are heading off to work, or out and about straight after the gym, make sure everything is ready and packed to take with you! You don’t want to do it last minute and spend the day wearing odd shoes, do you?


Now they next thing is something most people hate but have to do all of the time! Set an alarm. To do this well you need to give yourself plenty of time. Don’t make yourself rush first thing. After all, if you have to rush around too much you will just stay in bed! Give yourself enough time to get up, get ready and have a drink before you leave. Set the alarm just a few minutes earlier than you think you will need, it really will make all the difference!


Tip 2 – Make yourself accountable


Got a partner or friend that you can work out with first thing? Perfect! That way you will keep each other motivated on track!


Not lucky enough to have anyone to work out with at the time? That’s ok too. Try and make yourself as accountable as possible! Speak to gym staff and other members. That way you will start building up relationships with people. Those people will notice if you aren’t there for a few days and will no doubt ask why when you return! Also, the more relationships you build up the more enjoyable it will make going. Its win-win really!


Tip 3 – Reward yourself!


Now this third and final tip might be the easiest to adhere to! Reward yourself with a lovely brunch after your workout, or a new top after a few weeks of successfully hitting the gym every morning. After all, why work hard if you don’t get some treats every now and again!


We hope these tips help! Working out is great and so is developing a healthy obsession!


Do you work out first thing and have any tips you think the FitSense community should know? Let us know in the comments below.


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