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Finding your FitSense

Finding your FitSense isn’t always easy, so we’ve put together a handy guide.

Working out is a great way to keep both your mind and body healthy.


The benefits of exercise are endless, but not everyone enjoys the same thing and that’s absolutely fine! Just because your best friend is a cardio queen, it doesn’t mean you will enjoy that.

The best way to get the most out of the exercise you are doing is to find something our truly enjoy.


Why not have a look online at different forms of exercise or research different classes?

Have you always fancied something but assumed you wouldn’t be able to do it? Give it a try.


Still not sure where to start? Think about how you want to feel after your workout or class.


Want to feel…


Relaxed – Try yoga

Not only is this a great full body workout but it will leave you feeling mentally renewed and relaxed.


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Stress relief – Try body combat or some boxing techniques

This will allow you to relive stress in a controlled environment whilst also getting in a great full body workout! That’s win win in our books!


The good kind of exhausted – Try a HIIT style workout or class

This will get your heart pumping, your blood racing and endorphins rushing around your body! Plus you’re almost guaranteed to sleep well after!


A sense of achievement – Try weight training

Want to see regular progression. Weight training will help you do just that. From week to week you will notice gradual increases in strength.


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Zoned out, focused on something else – Cardio time!

Try a spin class or get yourself on a piece of cardio kit, select a challenge and think about nothing else until you have completed it.


These are just a few examples of things to try. Have you found your FitSense? How did you do it? What’s your go to exercise?