Frozen fod

Frozen Food – Quick and simple ways to spruce up your diet!

I have found a couple of frozen foods that I can now no longer go shopping with-out picking up a pack. Frozen fruit and veg has a very similar nutritional value as their fresh counter parts, however the cost and convenience of them certainly help me get them in my diet.

Firstly, frozen kale. The Kale Superfood hype hit us a few years ago (2011 I believe). It’s very popular amongst a lot of us. Although not particularly expensive, I do find that when buying the fresh packs, a lot of it goes in the bin as it goes off relatively quickly. After trying out frozen kale though, I found it extremely easy to get it into some of my meals. Plus there’s no wastage. Straight from the freezer I place 4 or 5 of the round portions in a simmering chilli or Bolognese. You can also us them as an addition to a vegetable rice dish. I think it’s a great way to get some extra greens into my diet. Kale is pretty tasty in my opinion, but you can always hide it by throwing in a few more spices!

Secondly, frozen berries. My favourite is the ‘summer fruits’ variety that has blackberries, raspberries, black currants and red currants. Especially in the winter months when a lot of fruit is imported, frozen berries provide a cost effective way of getting more into my diet. Get a portion out the freezer for over-night or ping them in the microwave in you forget! I find that eating fruit with breakfast sets me up well for the day (starting the day healthy encourages me to continue being healthy) so I eat them on my porridge. Alternatively, they’re great with Greek yoghurt and some nuts. Berries are not too high in sugar either, so they are good for you in moderation.

Feel free to comment on any other frozen food ideas.

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Happy Eating!


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