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Gym etiquette: Is yours up to scratch?

Gym etiquette. Its tricky right? You know that person at the gym that talks to you even if you have your headphones in, or they hover around you waiting for you to finish your set so they can jump straight on the machine? If you don’t, that person might just be you…


How is your gym etiquette? Think it’s pretty good? You are probably right, but we have put together a list of the top faux pas just in case!

Getting up close and personal – No one wants someone close to them while they are working up a sweat. There’s never a need to be that close at the gym. Want to get equipment from a space someone is blocking? At least let them finish their set before you squeeze through!


Gym Etiquette

Smelling foul – Now, don’t get us wrong, everyone is going to have a little whiff about them, working out is going to encourage that, but there is no excuse for turning up to the gym smelling like you haven’t seen soap in the last month. On a tight schedule? That’s ok, carry deodorant and have a quick wash. We can guarantee any effort made to emit less odour will be gladly appreciated!


Being rude or intimidating – Just because someone is using a machine you had planned to use it doesn’t mean you have priority. If the gym is busy and people are using what you need find an alternative! There’s no excuse to ever make someone feel uncomfortable.


Talking to people who have headphones in or are clearly trying to focus – Yes, the gym can be a nice sociable environment, but that doesn’t mean everyone in there wants to chat to you! Some people simply want to get their workout done and go home.


Being messy – Finished with what you are using? Put it away. It doesn’t sound complicated, but you’d be surprised how many people fail to do this.


Gym etiquette


Excessive phone use – Yes you may have to send the occasional message, but there’s a certain amount of time before using your phone becomes somewhat unacceptable! Using your phone to guide your workout? That’s cool, it won’t hinder what you are doing. But if you are using it to update your snapchat four times a minute then people are going to get annoyed!


So, there you have it, they are our top gym no no’s. What gets on your nerves? Or do you think any of these things are actually fine?


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