Gym newbie

Gym newbie? Got everything you need, or not sure where to start?

Are you a gym newbie? You might be sorted with everything you need. If not we’ve put together a list for you!

Check out our list of essentials (Ok some aren’t quite as essential as others but still…)


Trainers – These should be well fitting and supportive; a good sportswear shop will be able to recommend the right pair for you.

46688660 - fit people in a spin class at the gym


Gym clothes – These don’t need to be fancy, unless of course you want them to be! But they should be exercise appropriate. For example, heading to a spin class? That big baggy t-shirt you like to wear probably isn’t going to cut it. You will be better off in something more breathable, perhaps sweat wicking.


A water bottle – Not only should you make sure you are well hydrated before you head to the gym, but you also need to keep topped up whilst you are working out. Don’t overdo it though! You don’t want to end up feeling sick, do you?


A plan! – This doesn’t have to be set in stone of course, but it sure will help to have some idea what you want to do when you get there.

40414179 - gym outfit - workout clothing, running shoes, headphones and smartphone to listen to music while working out at the fitness center. matching clothes, sports bra, shorts in blue and black.

Music – This one falls into the not so essential category, but for a lot of people a workout just isn’t right without a great playlist to get them through. Not sure what music will work for you? Experiment. Plus, there are loads of great readymade playlists online to choose from!


Confidence and a positive mental attitude – If you’re a gym newbie, or even just new to this particular gym it doesn’t matter. You might be feeling like you stick out or feeling bit of gymtimidation, but really you are all there for the same reason. You want to be fit and healthy.


Anything else you always make sure you have in the gym? Let us know!

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