Meal prep novice? That’s alright it’s pretty simple really…

Meal prep might not be something you’ve done before? Not sure where to start? 

All you seem to see on social media is stacks of pre-cooked and prepared food. It all looks a bit too perfect and completely un-acheivable, but it’s not, we promise!

We’ve put together some of our handiest tips, some have been passed on, others have been found through trial and error, after all you can’t get everything right all the time can you!

1.Planning is key

Plan what you want to prep, set aside time, get your bits and get to it. Trust us, nothing will work if you don’t at least plan the what, where and when!

2.Start small

This really is the key to success! Don’t head into your first venture thinking you will come out with a month’s worth of food. Unless you are super human that’s just not realistic!

Pick two or 3 meals to prep. Make it easier for yourself if you can, for example choose one thing to cook in the oven, one or two on the hob or one for the grill.

For example this could mean making a chilli, baking chicken breast and frying some turkey chunks.


3.Pick foods you really like

Now this may sounds stupid, but you’d be surprised how many people get swept up trying to prep meal they think they should, or what would look good, rather than meals they really like. Pick things you won’t get sick of as you will be making a few servings!



Do you have set goals that you work to each day when it comes to food? Perhaps you count calories or track your macros. If you do, it’s a great idea to work out the nutritional content of what you are prepping. Weigh out portions so you know exactly what you are having. It’s also a good idea to track this using an app. Another top tip is to stick the name and nutritional info onto the container you use to store the food, especially if you are freezing it.

5.Does it freeze ok?

Most things do, but it’s worth double checking. Some fruit and veg, especially those with a higher water content don’t freeze well. Here’s a handy guide.

6.A bit is better than none at all

Even if you don’t get time to prep full blown meals, doing some prep is better than none! It doesn’t matter if you just simply portion out or chop up your veg for the week. Small tasks will make big differences.

So there you have it, our top tips. Food prep doesn’t have to be overwhelming and it doesn’t have to take hours, start small and enjoy your success.

What works best for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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