no time to workout

No time to workout? Think again! Adam puts you straight…

‘I’ve got no time to workout’. You here it often, right? Perhaps you are even guilty of saying it too. But is it really true?

I currently have a little more than 2 million coins on my 8 ball pool iPhone app. Pretty cool right? I’ve spent around 48 hours of my life potting virtual balls in virtual pockets and I’ve got all these coins to show for it. Bragging rights to me. I even posted about it on Facebook. (Other social media platforms are available!)

But I had a bit of a think. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME!!! How can I complain that I didn’t have time to get to the gym last Friday? No time! What’s my excuse for not getting up early for a morning swim twice a week like I promised myself 6 weeks ago? Why have my target of a 160KG dead-lift by the end of April if I’m going to whittle away the hours on a game?

No time to workout

If I had spent those 48 hours (spread out over 3 months, working out to around 30 minutes a day) on something useful such as some ab work, I’d be well on my way to having some form of six pack and my core strength would be supporting my dead-lift goal for April. REALITY CHECK.


I’m not saying cut out these little things in life completely. I just wanted to highlight the point about how we use our questionable “spare time”. I’ve gone a bit crazy and started going for a run in my lunch break, but don’t feel you have to follow. Just have a think about what you want to achieve and what little things you can cut out to free up some valuable time to invest in some sit ups (other core exercises are available).


Next time you say you have no time to workout, stop and think about if it’s really true!


For the record now I’ve written this, I have since deleted the 8 ball pool app.


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Author: Adam Waind