Non Scale Victories

Non scale victories and how to make sure you recognise that hard work paying off.


How much weight have you lost now? It’s a common question, one you will have heard multiple times in your weight loss or fitness journey, if not from others you will have no doubt asked yourself. But the scale is not the be all and end all. In fact there are loads of great ways to judge your progress.

1.Your clothes and how they fit

Clothes are a brilliant way to judge your progress. Even if the weight on the scale isn’t ┬áchanging, the way your clothes fit will be a great indicator of your progress. Your body will be changing even if your weight isn’t.


2. Making it it to all the workouts you planned this week

To some people working out is and has always been a part of their lives, but for others it is a constant struggle. If you are the latter kind then making it to all the workouts you planned this week is a massive victory and one you should be proud of.

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3. Doing something with ease that used to be a struggle

Stairs that used to get you out of puff, may no longer be a challenge or a walk you used to have to have a break half way through may now be easier. Even just being less tired at the end of a busy day will be an indicator that your body and fitness level is changing.


4. When you realise you make healthy choices without even thinking about it

For example prioritising a workout, or picking a lighter option when eating out. When you notice you are subconsciously doing these things you will realise your lifestyle is changing.

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5. Smashing a PB

What better way is there to show you just how much you’ve improved?


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