When workouts don't go to plan

When workouts don’t go to plan…

Usually a workout will leave you on a high. You’ll feel a sense of achievement and pleased you went. But this isn’t always the way. Sometimes it just won’t work out, it won’t go to plan. Maybe you will turn up to your class late and just not be able to get into it all. Maybe you will start working out and realise there’s nowhere else you’d less like to be. Sometimes it might just be that you are tired and if that’s the case you should really listen to your body. Do something more gentle, less intense or just have a day off. After all training when you are too tired is going to increase your risk of injury. Continue reading

FitSense. Giving up.

Giving up isn’t always the way to go. Is it really FitSense?

Giving up? Is it FitSense?

Well, pancake day really crêped up on us! Sorry, that’s terrible.

I hope everyone enjoyed their pancakes yesterday. My choice was lemon, dried fruit, and a tiny bit of sugar. I have seen plenty of different recipes and ideas out there so you had plenty to choose from, some had over 40g of protein and were packed full of Amino acids and such to make them work round our gym and dietary habits!

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FitSense. Best bits

FitSense: The best bits about going to the gym

Going to the gym is pretty awesome in general isn’t it? But for us there are a few things that really stand out! Some thing that just make your day. Here are our best bits…

Getting to buy snazzy new work out clothes and what’s more, this spending is fully justified if it’s to help your fitness journey isn’t it? Makes FitSense to us!


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Frozen fod

Frozen Food – Quick and simple ways to spruce up your diet!

I have found a couple of frozen foods that I can now no longer go shopping with-out picking up a pack. Frozen fruit and veg has a very similar nutritional value as their fresh counter parts, however the cost and convenience of them certainly help me get them in my diet.

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FitSense: When injury strikes

Training Smart – What to to do when illness or injury strike

You may have heard the term, or a variation of the term, ‘Don’t train hard, train smart’. The idea being that to achieve great results and avoid injury, you should choose exercises best suited to what you’re trying to achieve, as well as pushing yourself and challenging yourself, but not too hard! I believe it’s a pretty good philosophy to go by, but finding the balance can be difficult. Continue reading


Are you a watcher or are you a doer? By Adam Waind

Whilst I’m considering whether ‘doer’ is even a word, I am also reading up on the Strong Man Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall. At the age of 10 he spent 14 hours a week training in a swimming pool. Continue reading

38612271 - two women training in a gym

Gym etiquette: Is yours up to scratch?

Gym etiquette. Its tricky right? You know that person at the gym that talks to you even if you have your headphones in, or they hover around you waiting for you to finish your set so they can jump straight on the machine? If you don’t, that person might just be you…


How is your gym etiquette? Think it’s pretty good? You are probably right, but we have put together a list of the top faux pas just in case!

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Gym newbie

Gym newbie? Got everything you need, or not sure where to start?

Are you a gym newbie? You might be sorted with everything you need. If not we’ve put together a list for you!

Check out our list of essentials (Ok some aren’t quite as essential as others but still…)


Trainers – These should be well fitting and supportive; a good sportswear shop will be able to recommend the right pair for you.

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