Monday’s Move

If you’ve got a kettlebell, you need to incorporate this move into your routine to shape and tone your thighs and butt. Try 2 sets of 12 to start with and increase to 4 sets when you feel you can, usually after a couple of weeks.

Skincare for men… because it’s not just for women!

With the darker nights and colder weather well and truly here,  it is safe to say that winter has officially arrived. The cold winter air, central heating and icy winds can play havoc with your skin, so the kind people at The Grooming Clinic have put together some skincare tips that will help you get through.

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Friday’s move… It’s a killer!

Can you hold this for longer than 30 seconds???

If you want to work your core with some serious effort, this is the move for you. Improve balance and work your whole abdominal area. Your abs will be screaming after 30 seconds!

Managed to hold for longer? Tell us in the comments!

no time to workout

No time to workout? Think again! Adam puts you straight…

‘I’ve got no time to workout’. You here it often, right? Perhaps you are even guilty of saying it too. But is it really true?

I currently have a little more than 2 million coins on my 8 ball pool iPhone app. Pretty cool right? I’ve spent around 48 hours of my life potting virtual balls in virtual pockets and I’ve got all these coins to show for it. Bragging rights to me. I even posted about it on Facebook. (Other social media platforms are available!)

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Early morning workouts

Early morning workouts are a struggle, but we’ve got your back…

Pencilled in an early morning workout, but struggling to stick to it? That’s understandable, it’s hard to leave the warmth and comfort of your bed. Now, we can’t make staying asleep any less tempting but we do have some tips for making an early morning workout more achievable!

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