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FitSense. Best bits

FitSense: The best bits about going to the gym

Going to the gym is pretty awesome in general isn’t it? But for us there are a few things that really stand out! Some thing that just make your day. Here are our best bits…

Getting to buy snazzy new work out clothes and what’s more, this spending is fully justified if it’s to help your fitness journey isn’t it? Makes FitSense to us!


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Frozen fod

Frozen Food – Quick and simple ways to spruce up your diet!

I have found a couple of frozen foods that I can now no longer go shopping with-out picking up a pack. Frozen fruit and veg has a very similar nutritional value as their fresh counter parts, however the cost and convenience of them certainly help me get them in my diet.

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FitSense: When injury strikes

Training Smart – What to to do when illness or injury strike

You may have heard the term, or a variation of the term, ‘Don’t train hard, train smart’. The idea being that to achieve great results and avoid injury, you should choose exercises best suited to what you’re trying to achieve, as well as pushing yourself and challenging yourself, but not too hard! I believe it’s a pretty good philosophy to go by, but finding the balance can be difficult. Continue reading


Are you a watcher or are you a doer? By Adam Waind

Whilst I’m considering whether ‘doer’ is even a word, I am also reading up on the Strong Man Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall. At the age of 10 he spent 14 hours a week training in a swimming pool. Continue reading


Monday’s Move

If you’ve got a kettlebell, you need to incorporate this move into your routine to shape and tone your thighs and butt. Try 2 sets of 12 to start with and increase to 4 sets when you feel you can, usually after a couple of weeks.

Skincare for men… because it’s not just for women!

With the darker nights and colder weather well and truly here,  it is safe to say that winter has officially arrived. The cold winter air, central heating and icy winds can play havoc with your skin, so the kind people at The Grooming Clinic have put together some skincare tips that will help you get through.

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