Are you a watcher or are you a doer? By Adam Waind

Whilst I’m considering whether ‘doer’ is even a word, I am also reading up on the Strong Man Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall. At the age of 10 he spent 14 hours a week training in a swimming pool. That is some dedication for a child. That level of training set him up perfectly for training later on in life to become the Strong Man he now is. Not just the strength he’s gained from it, but his habitual and instinctive positive attitude towards exercise. He won numerous swimming trophies as a child and now he is now the only man in the world to deadlift half a ton – that’s 500 kilos!!!. I would say that Eddie Hall is a doer.

But what about us mortals?

There is an incredible amount of youtubers out there, either having fun or making money. They are ‘doing’ pretty much anything, and posting it online for our viewing pleasure. This footage is easy to watch right? We can sit at home and watch these fabulous people enjoying what they are most passionate about whilst sharing their experience and their opinions with the whole world. We get to learn absolutely everything there is to know about the chosen subject and can then confidently say our knowledge on the matter has vastly expanded. All we have to do is type in ‘Learn to Tango in 5 easy steps’ and we become an expert in a matter of minutes – unless of course we get distracted by watching the top 10 movies of the 1990s.

What about when it comes to fitness?

Well, there’s plenty of useful videos out there of course. We watch video updates of Eddie Hall, the celebrity fitness models and everyone else in between. And there’s plenty of useful websites to visit, dedicated to make you a better you – you’re on one right now! But let’s not just be watchers or viewers. Yes please do watch how to tango or flexibility stretches or the proper technique for squatting. But we will never know how to do it properly until we go out there, and put what we have learnt to good use. Ask for advice from a fitness professional or get a friend to show you what they do. But make sure you go out there and DO IT. Don’t marvel over someone else’s fine work. Seriously. Be the expert. Be a Doer. (It is a word).

“A practice that will never achieve what it was intended for is a worthless act” – Daniel Madison.