When workouts don't go to plan

When workouts don’t go to plan…

Usually a workout will leave you on a high. You’ll feel a sense of achievement and pleased you went. But this isn’t always the way. Sometimes it just won’t work out, it won’t go to plan. Maybe you will turn up to your class late and just not be able to get into it all. Maybe you will start working out and realise there’s nowhere else you’d less like to be. Sometimes it might just be that you are tired and if that’s the case you should really listen to your body. Do something more gentle, less intense or just have a day off. After all training when you are too tired is going to increase your risk of injury.

But what do you do when a workout doesn’t go to plan?

Shrug it off, forget it. It doesn’t matter. What matters is you still did it. You went, you tried, you may not have conquered. But who cares? You will smash it next time!

In case you’re feeling a bit lack lustre about your next trip to the gym we’ve put together our top tips for getting the most out of a workout…

  1. Go with a plan. Have a rough idea at least of what you want to do! There’s nothing worse than turning up without at least an area of focus. If you are struggling speak to a member of the team, they should be able to get a routine in place for you.
  1. Make sure you are properly hydrated. Now this might sound silly, but trust us, it will make a huge difference to your performance and stamina. Make sure you have a drink on hand too throughout your workout, especially if it’s going to be a sweaty one!
  1. Warm up. Tempting as it is to skip a warm up, it’s really not a good idea! Get your body ready for a workout and not only will you perform better but you will be thankful when the DOMS set in that you aren’t as sore as you could have been.
  1. If you are stuck, don’t just hide away or even worse, leave. Ask for help. No one will judge you for doing this. Gym staff are there to help. If you can’t see any staff there is no shame in asking another member for advice, chances are they have done it to someone else at some point.
  1. Lastly, it’s a great idea to track and monitor your workouts and progression. Not only will this be a nice way to see just how well you are doing but it will also help you to work out in the smartest way. Track your workouts and you won’t accidentally focus on the same area twice in a week or lose track of where you are in your programme.

So, there you have it, our top tips. Do you have anything you do to make sure your workout is on point? Let us know in the comments below.

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