Booking Classes
Made A Breeze

The booking feature in FitSense makes it easy for your members to book sessions and classes in just a few taps.

With FitSense, your members can quickly and easily view your class timetable and book sessions, classes or PT in just a few taps, wherever they are. We’ve also added a neat waiting list feature and calendar integration, to help members better manage their schedules!

View Timetable

Members can view your class timetable and search for sessions by instructor, activity or area, making it a fast and easy process!

Calendar Integration

Bookings can be added to your members’ device calendar. They will also receive a booking reminder via mobile push notification, an hour before their session starts!

Waiting List

If a class is full your member can go on the waiting list. Once a space becomes available, they will automatically be booked into the class and will receive a notification to let them know.

Cancel a booking

If life gets in the way and your member needs to cancel their booking, they can do so easily in just a few taps.

New Feature!
Advanced Session Booking

Members are now able to book a gym visit in advance, to help you manage social distancing guidelines and hygiene regulations, whilst also providing your members with confidence that they will not be required to wait around when they arrive, can jump straight into their session and enjoy a safe environment in which to exercise.

You are able to set start times, duration, and capacity of slots. One of the key benefits of the FitSense Advanced Session Booking feature is that it prevents entry to the club without a valid booking, automating the entire process so you do not even have to think about it. When the member books their slot through FitSense, they receive a mobile notification just before their booking starts, and once they arrive at the club, they can gain instant access using the FitSense Check In feature.

New Feature!
Club Capacity Insight At Your Members Fingertips

With FitSense, your members can view how busy the club is before they make a booking, empowering them to make an informed decision as to when they visit your club. Member can see how busy the club is in real time, as well as see capacity trends over time.