My Body – Body Composition Analysis

Engage Members Through Body Composition Progress Tracking

With FitSense My Body, your members can record, track and monitor their body composition progress and see the results of their hard work in the club, leading to higher motivation and increased engagement.

My Body is a fully integrated body composition analysis tool, allowing your members to measure, record and track their body composition through the app, using the highly accurate Tanita scale.

For Your Members

Allows your members to measure their health with precise accuracy, providing crucial insight into their health and fitness. Your members can measure each body part as well as gain an overall picture, giving them a clear view of their health and progress so they know exactly what to focus on to get the results they desire.

For Your Club

Adds significant improvement and value to your service offering providing you with a competitive edge, helping to boost member acquisition and member retention.

For Your Trainers

Body composition analysis presents an opportunity to upsell PT. Trainers can schedule informed consultations with members based on their data, allowing them to create tailored programmes to support members goals.

Integrated with Tanita Scales, delivering highly accurate results

My Body seamlessly integrates with the industry’s leading provider of body composition analysis devices, Tanita. Specifically the Tanita MC 580, a professional standard scale delivering highly accurate, reliable and consistent results, which will drive club visits and increase member engagement.

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Simple for your members to use

The Tanita MC 580 connects via Bluetooth to the FitSense Member App, making it easy for your members to record, track and monitor their Body Composition progress. Your members simply sync the scales to FitSense though the app, after which their results can be viewed on a clear and easy to interpret results screen.

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Includes all the key body composition measurements

Your members can record and monitor up to 12 body composition measurements and set goals for each. To help you educate your members on what each measurement means, we have a variety of resources that you can access online, including a ‘Body Measurements Explained’ pdf and explainer posters to put up at your club.

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Motivates through data

FitSense also displays a segmental breakdown of Body Fat and Muscle mass, giving members additional motivational information. It allows Personal Trainers to analyse muscular imbalances and prescribe more specific workouts!

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Members can share their achievements and spread the word

When your members start to see the results they have worked so hard for, they can share their achievements by posting results and progress on their FitSense feed or to Facebook. This feature helps to promote this great new service among your current and prospective members!

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Boost Member Acquisition

My Body provides a fantastic opportunity to generate new member sales through outreach activity. Being portable, you can take the Tanita scales with you, whether that’s a shopping centre, offices or anywhere else that you wish to target! It enables you to offer prospects complimentary body composition analysis, resulting in tailored workout advice and a free follow up session in club. Engaging prospects through advanced body composition analysis is an effective way to entice new members.

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Integrated with FitSense Rewards

My Body Integrates with FitSense Rewards. This means your members can earn 150 reward points for every 1% of body fat reduction, which can be exchanged for exciting rewards!

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