Group Heart Rate

Engage And Motivate Members With Visible Workout Metrics

FitSense Group Heart Rate Zone Training provides a fun and challenging environment that delivers hard on motivation and engagement

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FitSense Group Heart Rate Zone Training helps to keep your members motivated by providing visible and accurate tracking of effort levels throughout the workout, utilising our heart rate monitoring technology.
Why you should be incorporating Group Heart Rate Training into your class schedule

The small group training experience is significantly enhanced when technology is incorporated

Capturing information motivates members to exercise in the ideal heart rate zone and get the most out of their workout

Members can earn points based on intensity of workout, which can be redeemed against exciting rewards to further enhance the experience

Because Members are able to keep track of their progress, they are more confident in their training

It’s simple to set up

All you need is ClubWise Mobile, an Ipad and a TV screen (optional).

Simply select your class in ClubWise Mobile and tap the Heart Rate icon. This will take you to a screen which displays all your participants heart rate data. If you would like to display on a screen for the whole class to view, simply connect your device to a TV.

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Your members can pair with ease

We’ve made it fast and simple for your members to participate in Group Heart Rate classes. Using FitSense, they simply book into a class. Once they arrive, your member can sync their heart rate monitor quickly and easily in FitSense.

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Compatible with Comfort

FitSense Group Heart Rate is compatible with the Polar H7, The Polar H10 and The Polar OH1 heart rate monitoring devices.

The Polar OH1 is an extremely popular choice as members are able to wear it on their arm, rather than around their chest, providing a more comfortable training experience.

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Visible workout metrics throughout the class

The Group Heart Rate feature displays your members workout intensity, providing them with a colour graphic to easily understand the training zone they are working in. This is displayed for both the member and instructor to see, allowing the instructor to control the intensity of the class.

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Post workout statistics

Your members will receive their workout stats directly to their FitSense feed, post workout. This helps them to track their performance and progress with each class.

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FitSense Rewards

Our Group Heart Rate feature is integrated with FitSense Rewards, allowing your members to earn FitSense Points based on their effort level and duration of class.

This also creates an element of competition, with the top three points scorers being ranked during the workout, making group training even more fun.

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Full Support and Training

ClubWise provides comprehensive support and training, including on-site set up and implementation training with a Group Heart Rate specialist. We also provide full marketing support to help you promote your new Group Heart Classes to your members.

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