Retention Management

Take A Proactive Approach To Retention With FitSense

Get automatically alerted to ‘at risk’ members with the built in retention management solution

With FitSense Points, you can easily track and monitor member’s activity levels, identify ‘at risk’ members and take a proactive approach to improving your club’s retention.

How It Works

FitSense categorises your members based on activity levels, identified by FitSense Points accrued. Categories are Red, Amber and Green. The RAG system places emphasis on the Red members, which are deemed High Risk based on their activity levels. These are the members who have developed sporadic habits and are starting to drop off the radar. By identifying these members and taking action before they become inactive, you have a much higher chance of retaining them.

During the development of the FitSense Points structure, ClubWise drew on industry research to ensure we created and delivered a truly effective Points System that provides tangible insights into how specific interactions and activities influence a member’s length of stay. The points allocation is weighted towards the activities that are known to have a positive impact on retention.

Identifying ‘At Risk’ Members

You can identify ‘at risk’ members easily in ClubWise through a colour coded RAG (Red, Amber, Green) status. This allows you to easily establish who is at potential risk of leaving the club, based on the points they have accumulated in the last 30 days.

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Track and Monitor Engagement Easily with the FitSense Dashboard

We have made it easy to track engagement and points earned through a dedicated FitSense Dashboard in ClubWise. This provides you with insights into individual member activity over the last 30 days or 12 month period.

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FitSense User Levels

The FitSense User Levels provide a gamification element for members, allowing them to level up through the FitSense user levels once a certain level of FitSense points are earned. The lifetime points total is used, which is the number of points the member has earned since the beginning of their FitSense journey. Your members will be able to see their FitSense user level and lifetime points total in their FitSense Profile screen.

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