Fast, Secure In-App Payments

From chargeable classes and sessions to PT and membership arrears, FitSense provides a flexible and secure card payment solution for your members.

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With FitSense, you can set up a digital store directly in the app! Members can purchase Personal Training sessions, secondary spend items such as protein shakes and apparel, as well as book and pay for chargeable classes and sessions.

Works With All Merchants

Our secure in app payment portal is backed by Global Payments, which means it works with ALL Merchants!

Store debit/credit card details

Members can store credit card or debit card details for future use, making the repeat payment experience fast and easy.

Alternative Payment Method

Having the ability to store debit/credit card details enables us to provide an alternative payment method in the instance a direct debit fails.

New Feature!
In-App Arrears Payments

Your Members can pay any membership arrears directly in the app, providing a no fuss solution to making arrears payments. Members are alerted to arrears via a mobile notification. They simply tap on the notification which takes them through to the secure payment portal, where they can bring their membership payments up to date.

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Coming Soon
1 click payments and integration with
Apple and Google Pay